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According to media reports, the opponents of the no-deal Brexit are preparing for a legal dispute with the government. They fear that the Boris Johnson-led government might try to circumvent or break the new law that prohibits an EU exit without an agreement. The reported several British media, citing parliamentary circles. The bill is expected to be signed by the Queen on Monday and will then enter into force.

Johnson has repeatedly ruled that he will request a new postponement of the Brexit date for the EU, and is determined to lead his country out of the EU on 31 October, even without an agreement. At a press conference on Thursday, he had stressed that he wanted to "lie in the ditch rather dead" than to ask the EU for a new postponement of the EU exit.

Politics UK opposition wants to reject Johnson's new election motion

Opposition wants to reject Johnson's new election motion

The parties do not want to vote for an early election until the government has asked the EU for another Brexit shift. Johnson recently said he would rather "lie in the ditch" than ask for a delay.

However, the law passed on Friday against unregulated EU withdrawal stipulates that the government must request an extension of the Brexit deadline if no agreement is ratified by 19 October. Johnson's opponents were clairaudient when he told reporters Friday that the law only provided a "theoretical" Brexit shift.

Court can pledge government by order

The speculation is that the government could, for want of alternatives, try to simply ignore the law or find a loophole to circumvent it. But experts warned Johnson could end up in prison in extreme cases, should he be above the law.

"He is as committed to the rule of law as anyone in this country," said former Attorney General Dominic Grieve of the BBC on Saturday. "If he does not comply, he can be sued in court, and if necessary, the court will issue an injunction ordering him to do so (…) if he does not comply, he may be sent to jail."

Johnson wants to vote on Monday in the lower house on a new election on 15 October, to change the law with a parliamentary majority in time yet again. But the opposition has already made it clear that it will not allow it. An early election requires the approval of two thirds of all MEPs.

Churchill's grandson settles with the PM

Also in Johnson's own party has formed resistance to the Premier. Twenty-one Tory MPs voted against the no-deal-Brexit law on Wednesday and were then thrown out of the faction on Thursday by Johnson.

Among them is the descendant of legendary British warrior Winston Churchill (1874-1965), Nicholas Soames. This calculated in an interview with the current head of government from. "Boris Johnson's experience in life is to have told a lot of lies about the European Union in Brussels and then to have become prime minister," said Soame

Although Johnson is often said to want to emulate Churchill, he could see no similarities. He believes his grandfather would not agree to giving up the "extraordinary relationship we have with this great European Union," added Soames.

Politics Great Britain Much ado about everything

Much ado about everything

Despite bitter defeats in parliament, Prime Minister Boris Johnson remains in attack mode. On Monday he wants to vote again on new elections – and should fail again.By Cathrin Kahlweit

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