Detention for stadium visit: Iranian woman sets fire to


Tehran – In Iran, only men can go to the football stadium and cheer on their favorite teams. Although this violates strictly the rules of FIFA. Sahar Khodayari, a passionate football fan, tried it anyway and was caught. That was in March, six months up to two years imprisonment threatened. In protest, she set herself on fire alive.
Sahar Khoyadari succumbs to her injuries in the hospital.

Sahar Khoyadari succumbs to her injuries in the hospital.

minutes of silence, angry social media posts, melancholy art and writing to FIFA – all in her memory. The football world rages after the death of Sahar Khodayari. The collective wants to see changes, because looking away after the self-immolation of the Iranian woman has come to an abrupt end.

The "Blue Girl", her nickname, because the 29-year-old was always wearing the colors of her favorite club Esteghal, succumbed to her burn injuries on Monday morning (local time 4 clock). She had doused herself with gasoline and lit it. That caused Third degree burns and significant damage to the lungs.

In March, Khodayari tried to attend an AFC Asia Cup football match between Esteghal and al-Ain. Iranian women in the conservative country since the Islamic revolution in 1979 sometimes the stadium visit prohibited. However, this does not apply to foreign women and only in the games of men.

In order to grant himself admission, Sahar disguised himself as a man. In a routine examination, the Iranian woman did not ask to be touched because she was a woman. Before she could sneak into the stadium, she was arrested because she was not veiled, so Amnesty International,

Sahar smiles into the camera.

Sahar smiles into the camera.

The public and also Philip Luther, Amnesty's advocate for the Middle East and North Africa, feel that without the ban on the stadium, the Iranian woman would still be alive: "Amnesty International believes that without this draconian spell, Sahar Khodayari would still be alive and the trauma Their arrest, detention and prosecution led to the problem being avoided. "

Even stars like Jerome Boateng and Magdalena Eriksson express themselves on Twitter with their displeasure and grief.

But there is also the other side of the coin. Because, as mentioned, women are not allowed to visit stadiums, but they have not been sentenced for that. Because she had not made it to the sidelines. In addition, the new court date was not even clear.

On September 2, she was told in court that she had committed the sin of not wearing hijab and verbally abusing officers. As a result, further negotiations were postponed. The Iranian woman is reported to have had bipolar disorder and to have attempted suicide at college.

The 29-year-old, however, did not see herself as ill and did not take her medication, which her mother then mixed her with food. After talking with the doctors, who explained how much bad irregular doses they were, she stopped.

The Iranian sports minister agreed to allow women in October to watch the World Cup qualifier, said Sun. Reuters, Whether the women dare to come, or whether someone dares to stop them, remains to be seen.

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