European Championship Qualification: Team reaches operating temperature


ÖFB team captain Julian Baumgartlinger commented on the clear result and the one-sided play history against Latvia: "One can be happy and proud of the result. On the other hand, we have to classify this well. "Marko Arnautovic had opened in the seventh minute after pressing by Konrad Laimer and involuntary preparation of the Latvian Boris Bogdaskins hit the hit.

In the 53rd minute, the China export penaltied for a second goal and equaled with 26 goals in the eternal ÖFB team scorers list with Andreas Herzog and "miracle team" captain Matthias Sindelar. The further goals against the opponents overpowered by speed and passport precision of the Austrian contributed in front of 16,300 spectators Marcel Sabitzer with a dream goal from 25 meters (13) at as well as Laimer (80) and Michael Gregoritsch (84).

ÖFB travels to Poland with confidence

Austria's national football team is traveling to Poland with confidence after a 6-0 win against Latvia on Friday.

Earned gifts

The 4-0 was a curious hit. Substitute Stefan Ilsanker almost scored his first goal on the ball with his first touch of the ball. Latvia goalkeeper Pavels Steinbors threw the ball over the line, scoring the goal.

But this gift was as well as the goal to 1: 0 also the result of targeted work and the style of play in the ÖFB team. "The gift you get only if you get it. And if you deserve it, "said Leverkusen legionary Baumgartlinger and added:" That was also so trained, we wanted to lure them a little. "

Foda leaves the church in the village

Foda congratulated his team on their successful appearance, but at the same time was very anxious not to overburden their clear victory against the number 134 in the world rankings: "A highly deserved victory. We really wanted to win, that you could already feel in training. The team can be happy. "

Latvia's team manager Slavisa Stojanovic had to explain the next defeat of his term, but also saw the strength of the Austrians as a reason for the lack of opportunities of his team, which was over 90 minutes more spectators on the field as an active opponent. "You've seen why Austria's players are involved in top clubs, they're faster and more precise in their game, and I have to congratulate them."

"Everyone has fulfilled their tasks 100 percent"

Irrespective of the status quo, Austria pulled through its game idea, except for a short period after the 2-0 win, in which the ÖFB team acted too playfully for the taste of Foda. But he still praised his team: "It was a very good team performance. We were very stable on the defensive, got along well on the outside and were always present in the center. I was very happy with all the players because they all fulfilled their tasks 100 percent. "

"The team played very seriously from the very first minute and were very committed throughout the season," Foda commented, "because of early pressing, we also came to the first goal. We were good at counterpressing, and that was ultimately the key to success. "A similar appearance will be necessary on Monday in the certainly heated atmosphere in the Warsaw stadium in front of 58,000 spectators.

Every goal can decide

The battle for the places one and two needed to qualify was rekindled on Friday with the 0-2 away defeat of Poland in Slovenia. After the fifth matchday, Poland is only three points ahead of the Austrians, another counter behind are Slovenia and Israel.

However, after three wins in a row and above all ten goals scored in the last two games against North Macedonia and Latvia, Austria have once again picked up speed. "We have confirmed the performance from the last two games today," said Foda, underscoring, "You can see the team is hungry. We continued after the 2: 0. The group is tight, every goal can decide. "

Take some momentum

Foda once again conjured up the famous momentum that has captured the ÖFB selection: "We had a difficult start, but we have now taken nine points and have it in our own hands. The team is in a good mood and the momentum from this game has to be taken. "

How does this work best, the team boss already knows: "Poland has in the offensive world-class players, because we have to play well against the ball. But we are also very dynamic in the transfer match, have a good pass and play pace. I'm not worried about the front because we have the quality to score goals ourselves. "

And team captain Baumgartlinger explained what the goal of everyone in the ÖFB team is: "After what we have left in the first two games, it was very important for us today to climb into second place and from here again perfect qualification to play. "

European Championship qualifier, Group G, fifth game day


Austria – Latvia 6: 0 (2: 0)

Wals-Siezenheim, 16,300 spectators, SR Hennessy (IRL)

1: 0 Arnautovic (7th)
2: 0 Sabitzer (13)
3: 0 Arnautovic (53./Elfmeter)
4: 0 Steinbors (76th / owner)
5: 0 Laimer (80.)
6: 0 Gregory (84.)

Austria: Stankovic – Lainer, Dragovic (81./Grillitsch), Hinteregger, Ulmer – Baumgartlinger (75./Ilsanker), Laimer – Lazaro (69./Gregoritsch), Sabitzer, Alaba – Arnautovic

Latvia: Steinbors – Peterson, Cernomordijs, Dubra, Maksimenko – Bogdaskins – Ciganiks (67./Savalnieks), Tobers (77./Rugins), Laizans (82./Uldrikis), Kamess – Gutkovski

Yellow cards: none or Petersons, Bogdaskins, Savalnieks

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