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Football: Fan lights up in Iran


In strictly conservative Iran women are not allowed in the stadium. Although there is no official law prohibiting women from attending a game, visits are generally not possible.

A young woman by the nickname "Sara" tries it anyway. She wants to protest against the ban, but it does not come to that. "Sara" is arrested and arrested.

Although she is released shortly thereafter, she is sentenced by a court to a six-month prison term. The official reason remains unclear.

In protest against the scandalous judgment she showered with gasoline and lit up. She suffers life-threatening injuries, must go to the hospital with severe burns. Last weekend, she dies of the consequences, confirms a source opposite «IranWire».

"The authorities have silenced their families and blocked access to the hospital for 'national security reasons'. The authorities said she died on Monday, but that's not true. "

Women go out on the street

The death of the young lady causes a mass movement throughout the country. Everywhere women protest against the prohibition, make themselves heard loudly in front of the stadiums.

Even football reacts. National team captain Masoud Shojaei speaks of a "shocking" incident. "Future generations will be astonished to hear that women are not allowed to enter a sports arena," he said on an Instagram live video.

Then Shojaei becomes clear: "The source of such restrictions is the rotten and disgusting thinking of the past. No one will be able to understand that in the future. "

Many players support Shojaei, posting pictures in social media.

Fifa imposes ultimatum

Again and again, convictions in Iran cause a stir. For example, a few months ago, three women were sentenced to several years in jail for leaving the traditional headscarf in public.

Iran is currently the only country that bans women from attending sports events. Since 1980, the unwritten law is enforced with a hard hand, criticism from the Fifa and the United Nations remains so far unheard.

Fifa reacted a few months ago and imposed an ultimatum against Iran. Until October, women must have free access to football events. Otherwise, Iran could be excluded from all international football matches.

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