Forced break for British Parliament is illegal


The British Parliament has been on a forced break since Tuesday morning. A Scottish court has found the decision of Prime Minister Boris Johnson unfounded.

A Scottish Court of Appeals has declared unlawful the British Parliament's compulsory break imposed by Prime Minister Boris Johnson. The British government now wants to appeal the verdict, London sources said.

About 75 parliamentarians had sued against the compulsory break. They see Johnson's closure of the House of Commons for weeks before the country's October 31st exit from the EU as an inadmissible restriction on Parliament. Similar lawsuits were filed before courts in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and London.

An action in the first instance before the Court of Session in Scotland had initially failed. The High Court in London had initially dismissed a similar action. A final decision should now be taken by the UK Supreme Court.

Boris Johnson has sent the British Parliament into forced leave for five weeks starting on Tuesday morning – in the midst of Brexit chaos. The parliamentarians resisted until the last minute.

Johnson's plans for a new election before the planned exit from the European Union on 31 October had previously burst. A law forces the Prime Minister to request a Brexit shift should not be in time for an agreement with the EU in time for the planned exit date of October 31st. Johnson strictly rejects that.

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