Messenger Trick: Use Whatsapp without a SIM card


Berlin (dpa / tmn) – There may be situations in which just no SIM card is tangible – or the SIM card does not work abroad.

Write with Whatsapp messages falls then probably flat – unless there is a Wi-Fi hotspot and a landline connection available, reports the "Computer Bild" (Issue 19/19).

Because then you can connect your mobile devices to the WLAN and reinstall Whatsapp – and create a new account. On first launch, the application then asks for a phone number. You select the country and enter the number of the landline phone. Attention: If you are in Germany, you leave the zero of the area code. Then confirm the number and tap the "call me" button.

Immediately afterwards, the landline phone should ring. If you take off, calls a computer voice a code that you enter in the app. And done: Now you can chat without a SIM card.

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