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Michael Schumacher: Shocking hospital video popped up – Fans outraged: "I'm getting sick"

Michael Schumacher is the central object of a tasteless video clip.
Michael Schumacher is the central object of a tasteless video clip.
Photo: imago / Eibner – YouTube / Jipiando Cine

How are you Michael sSchumacher current?

It's a question that employs millions of fans around the world. Now a video has emerged, allegedly scenes of Michael sSchumacher in a hospital shows.

The video uploaded to YouTube is about Michael sSchumacher, his terrible skiing accident, his heavy time in the hospital and the fight back to a healthy life.

And for a reason, fans of the seven-time Formula One World Champion are deeply shocked.

Michael Schumacher: Disgusting clip about Schumi circulating in the net

On the video platform YouTube has been circulating for some time a video that deliberately wants to give the impression of being a trailer for the documentary film "Schumacher" (see YouTube video below). The movie will be released in December.

At first the clip looks harmless about Schumi. In the first sequences, the audience sees how Michael Schumacher goes over a race track in racing overalls. Afterwards, the howling engine of his Formula One racer is shown.

Michael Schumacher and the tragic ski accident

Then it gets very tasteless. The spectators watch shots of a skier falling. The scenes should clearly suggest that you see Michael Schumacher in his bad skiing accident here. In December 2013, Schumi had contracted a traumatic brain injury during that ski accident.


That's Michael Schumacher

  • In 1969 he was born in Hürth
  • 1987 start in the formula king
  • In 1991 Schumi entered Formula One
  • Michael Schumacher won 7 world titles
  • Michael Schumacher won the first world title in 1994 for Benetton
  • He is the most successful driver in the history of Formula 1
  • In 2013, he suffered severe head injuries in a skiing accident


As if this scene does not already carry enough drama, a voice from the off-screen speaks meaningfully in English: "The closer you get to death, the more alive you feel."

Disgusting scenes in the hospital

But that's not enough! The subsequent time of Michael Schumacher in the hospital of Grenoble is presented in the worst possible way. Viewers are presented with pictures of nurses lifting the stiff body of a patient into a wheelchair. A woman whose face is only vaguely recognizable cries in despair. In this scene, the producers obviously wanted to bring Michael Schumacher's wife Corinna into the game as well.

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And again the voice trumps from the off: "Greater than the fear of death is only the will to win." Then follows the credits: "Michael Schumacher – coming soon!" The tasteless clip has already collected almost 800,000 views.

Michael Schumacher: This video is about

"What the hell is this?"

Many Schumi fans from around the world are shocked by the clip. Some of the friendlier comments below the video are:

  • "Is that a bad joke? That's a really bad taste! "
  • "What are those only for fans who do not respect Michael Schumacher. Sorry, I'm getting sick. "
  • "What the hell is this?"
  • "Brutally!"
  • "That's so disrespectful!"
  • "Leave the family and him alone !!!"
  • "I could puke"

Clear announcement from the producer

Especially bad: The producer does not even make a secret of the fact that he deliberately misleads viewers. When a user referred the creator of the clip to the deceptive makeup, the producer replied, "If I mentioned in the title that it's just a fan clip, then people like you would not have the opportunity to watch the clip."

The clip has now been clicked on Youtube almost 750,000 times.

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In another video, the producer explains after the protests of the fans, what's up with the fake trailer for Schumi. "As a viewer, you should get the impression that you have a trailer for the 'real' movie about Michael sSchumacher look, "says the creator in a video on his channel" Jipiando Cine ":" And if you really believed that you saw the official trailer when watching the video, it was only because we produced the trailer so well. "

"I have tears in my eyes"

Some fans even agree with him. "I have tears in my eyes. A true legend, "writes a user. Another agrees with him: "This is called hope, as Fantrailer damn well done."

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In December, the original film about Michael Schumacher comes out. He should be seen in cinemas and streaming services.

Familiar report from the visit to the bedside

The current state of health Schumis is not discussed in the film. There are many rumors about the serious accident since then. The fans have been asking themselves for years how Michael Schumacher really works.

The family of racing legend shields "Schumi" on the road to recovery as much as possible from the public. Again and again, but little details come to light, especially by close confidants who report from the visit to the bedside >>>

Long-time companion avoids goosebumps moment

Recently, also a long-time companion of Schumacher betrayed a goose bump moment. Schumi friend Ross Brawn, for decades a colleague and confidant of Schumi, said "It was an emotional moment when I saw …" >> (dhe)

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