SPD: Olaf Scholz is the first loser of the candidate casting


"Well …," says Olaf Scholz. And takes a break so long that his one-minute speaking time is almost over. Then he quickly refers to the "all-time high in investment", which he currently has to answer as Federal Minister of Finance. But that goes under. So even with the topic "debt brake" the Federal Finance Minister can not score in Hannover, the second station of the SPD chairman candidate casting. The favorite is difficult. All favorites are difficult.

This is also the format of this tour, in which those who have nothing to lose and to answer, can cheerfully cheer with demands for more social justice, less child poverty, a citizens insurance for all or an even higher minimum wage than Olaf Scholz him anyway has already suggested.

Christina Kampmann and Michael Roth get a lot of applause - here is a picture of the regional conference in Saarbrücken

Christina Kampmann and Michael Roth get a lot of applause – here is a picture of the regional conference in Saarbrücken

Source: Getty Images / Thomas Lohnes

This lies in Hanover but above all to Christina Kampmann, 39, and Michael Roth, 49. The Minister of State at the Foreign Office and the former North Rhine-Westphalia Family Minister dominate the stage of the local convention center so confident and optimistic and in a good mood that all other candidates, whether they are now called Scholz or Norbert Walter Borjans, Petra Köpping or Karl Lauterbach look pretty ancient. No matter what they are saying in detail.

Kampmann / Roth, who had been announced as the first candidacy for the office of party chairman and had not particularly noticed at the tour prelude in Saarbrücken rock, however, with each of their contributions not known for exaggerated emotionality of Lower Saxony Social Democrats.

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"Our response to Trump is the United States of Europe," calls Roth, concluding an introductory speech of optimism and certainty, enthusiasm and social benefits. If the Hanoverians were Rhinelanders, they probably would have been on the tables at that moment.

Scholz as a representative of the party establishment

Of course, you will listen to Lower Saxony's Interior Minister Boris Pistorius, too. He actually has a home game here, but holds back very much, although he initially promises to "tear himself apart" for his party. This is not so much to be felt in Hanover.

Pistorius, the domestic politician, scores a bit with the promise to "build bridges" in foreign policy, especially to Russia. The bottom line, however, is that the former mayor of Osnabrück and his Saxon partner Petra Köpping remain as pale as Scholz and his fellow candidate Klara Geywitz this evening.

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The latter were first as favorites in the race for the SPD presidency. Scholz quasi as a kind of official representative of the party establishment. Geywitz as a quick-witted, also battle-ready companion from the East.

In a poll only among social democrats, 26 percent of respondents had favored the duo Scholz / Geywitz as the new party chairman. It was by far the best score in front of the duo Scheer / Lauterbach, Schwan / Stegner and Köpping / Pistorius. Kampmann / Roth were behind in this survey with only seven percent behind.

Nina Scheer and Karl Lauterbach in Hanover

Nina Scheer and Karl Lauterbach in Hanover

Source: dpa / Sina Schuldt

In Hannover, they are turning this result completely for the time being. This shows not only the steadily stronger applause for the two newcomers from North Rhine-Westphalia and Hesse, whose explorers, even photogenic appearance a little reminiscent of Robert Habeck and Annalena Baerbock.

"You are so young and dynamic occurred," summarizes a social democrat in Hannover, she wondered whether the two are not exactly "what we need now". At the end of the evening, Roth rips up Kampmann's arm, at least they are celebrated like the big winners, at least this evening.

"Olaf, you are a confessed GroKo fan"

For Olaf Scholz there is no such confirmation. Not in Saarbrücken, at the premiere of the SPD casting show, and not in Hannover. The vice-chancellor is also in Lower Saxony, the rather unpleasant public issues. "Olaf, you are an avowed GroKo fan – why should the GroKo opponents choose you?"

He was Secretary-General and Minister of Labor and mayor of Hamburg – "why did not you manage to save the SPD so far?" How did he get that? A comrade asked the vice-chancellor in Saarbrücken to feel part of the solution he is part of the problem?

Nice in order: Saskia Esken, Norbert Walter-Borjans, Christina Kampmann, Michael Roth, Hilde Mattheis and Dierk Hirschel

Nice in order: Saskia Esken, Norbert Walter-Borjans, Christina Kampmann, Michael Roth, Hilde Mattheis and Dierk Hirschel

Source: dpa / Sina Schuldt

Scholz is quickly on the defensive at such moments. He then enumerates what he has already accomplished in his times as Minister of Labor, as Vice Chancellor, as Hamburg mayor in particular. Housing, the minimum wage, his greatest achievements. At 29 percent, he had taken over the SPD at that time on the Elbe as chairman, in the next election had been 48 percent. He wants to do the same again, on a federal level. The applause remains still short.

In the meantime, Olaf Scholz, who was not sure for a long time, is actually fighting for the SPD presidency. Try emotionally, with reference to his social democratic heart. Is also beyond the 23 regional meetings, which the SPD has imposed the candidate for the presidency, almost omnipresent.

Gesine Schwan and Ralf Stegner

Gesine Schwan and Ralf Stegner

Source: dpa / Sina Schuldt

Gives interviews, with a view to the upcoming Climate Summit of the Federal Government on striking claims, occurs in Maybritt Illner's talk show as a social democratic opponent of CDU chief Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer and leaves behind the scenes of Berlin politics everyone knows that he Of course, it is in a position to lead the SPD out of its deep crisis, to make it capable of becoming chancellor-capable, of being a Chancellor himself.

Whether he can actually prove that a distant day has not become more probable in Saarbrücken and Hanover.

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