Tesla explores the 1.6 million-kilometer battery cell


Lithium-ion battery cells should work two to three times longer – ideal for robotaxis.

Jeff Dahn is one of the researchers working on the technology leap in battery cells on behalf of Tesla. What is known: the car manufacturer wants to move away from the cells, the partners Panasonic produced either in Japan or in the Gigafactory in Nevada. Now there is a research paper that makes the announcements more credible: According to its own Tesla cell could be used up to 1.6 million kilometers.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk can be said to have many things. The entrepreneur definitely has a feel for technological improvements. Most recently, he impressed with the specially developed computer for autonomous driving, which is far superior to the previously developed solution with the specialist Nvidia. With a technological leap like this, Tesla wants to expand its technological pioneering role – and cut costs.

The potential in the area of ​​lithium-ion battery cells is enormous: while the Tesla Model 3 is designed to have 1.6 million kilometers in body and drive, the battery systems must be replaced once or twice up to this total range. A fact that significantly reduces the margin for the vehicle.

What is the secret of the super battery cell? It is known that it is still a lithium-ion battery trade. Crucial are a novel NMC cathode, also referred to as "single crystal" and a new, advanced electrolyte. In general, the trend is away from liquid to solid materials, which should also have played a role here.

Whether the researchers around Jeff Dahn have also integrated the technology of Maxwell Technologies will show the future. The company is not only known for its ultracapacitors, but also for its battery components. Elon Musk has repeatedly suggested that his research teams are working on their own battery cell – in the coming year, they might already play a role in new vehicles according to the scant information.

The scientific paper on battery technology leap has been published by electrek editor Fred Lambert and can be viewed here:

Impressive technology leap as part of the technology roadmap

The technology roadmap of Tesla is always impressive. In most cases, such research results actually make production-ready products. Of course, it is in the stars, whether Tesla will be able to quickly build a series production for such battery cells and thus to sell Panasonic. The step from the laboratory to the reality of mass production is enormous.

But if Tesla manages to make that technological leap, the cleantech company would not only have a huge lead over Robotota in terms of Waymo or Uber. But also against the often described Tesla killers of other manufacturers, which can seldom outperform the vehicles of the Californians from a technological point of view. It remains exciting …

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