Home Breaking News That's how long Gerda Lewis knew about Keno's son

That's how long Gerda Lewis knew about Keno's son


September 5, 2019 – 2:35 pm

Gerda Lewis had known about Keno's son for some time

"That's right with the child", Keno Rüst openly admits in the talk "After the last rose". Gerda Lewis's favorite with them since the "Bachelorette" finale has a son. Gerda knew about it before, because Keno has told her his secret in the Dreamdates. In the video, the Bachelorette speaks openly about the emotional moment and what Keno's child means for their future together.

The hide and seek game finally has an end

Gerda Lewis' last rose in the "Bachelorette" final went to Keno Rüst. At the big reunion with all the candidates, Gerda and Keno reveal that they are still a couple and look forward to their future together without hide and seek. Gerda even posted the first couple picture with Keno – including declaration of love.

The "Bachelorette" episodes online at TVNOW

Keno's fight for Gerda's heart missed? All "Bachelorette" episodes are also available in full length on TVNOW.

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