Two German mountaineers die during tours in the Tyrolean Alps


In the Austrian Alps, three tragedies occurred on Friday. The three men between the ages of 50 and 60 died on separate mountain tours. According to police reports, they are from Germany.

A 50-year-old crashed as part of a group of three in an ice crack in the Ötztal Alps. He later died of his injuries in the hospital. According to police, the man comes from near Dortmund. The other two also contracted injuries.

The three climbers had started as part of a five-member group on Friday to Wildspitze. It is a 3768 meter high summit in the Ötztal Alps.

While two alpinists reversed on the way, the others reached the summit. During the descent, the three of them stumbled down a steep snow slope for unknown reasons, and then about ten meters deep into a crevasse. One of them was able to use the mobile phone to contact one of the inverted colleagues, who then alerted emergency services.

Fall in the climbing garden

Also on Friday, a 60-year-old from North Rhine-Westphalia died during a climb. This reports, inter alia, the "Munich Merkur".

The man was therefore part of a guided tripartite rope in the climbing garden Tieftal in Nassereith on the road. During the tour he fell backwards into the rope. He remained loud "Mercury" while hanging upside down, as the police said. His companions roped off the man, and resuscitation was started immediately.

The alarmed rescuers hid the man by dew, but the emergency doctor could only determine the death of the man.

During the day it was announced that a third person was killed on Friday: according to police, it is a 50-year-old from the vicinity of Stuttgart.

For more than four hours mountain rescuers needed in the Lechtal mountains to get on foot to the hiker, who had fallen in the fog of a slightly snowed mountain ridge to his death. He had apparently stumbled on the way from the top of the trough to a neighboring summit, said a police spokesman. The man was found 250 meters below the ridge and not recovered until Saturday morning by helicopter. His three uninjured colleagues suffered a shock.

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