VW presents electric car wallbox "for all" (video)


In order to help the electric car break into the mass market, VW wants to bring volume models such as the new ID.3 and charging solutions at more affordable prices than before on the market. Now the Wolfsburg "the wallbox for all" announced the energy subsidiary Elli for fast and comfortable loading at home or at work.

The "ID. Charger "charging solution offers a charging power of up to 11 kW and provides according to VW almost five times as fast as a normal household power outlet. The compact ID.3 with 58 kWh battery should be able to be completely "fueled" in about six hours. The ID. Charger offers "an outstanding price-performance ratio," promises the car manufacturer.

VW becomes the ID. From the end of November, Chargers will be selling via the Internet and at its dealerships in three versions that differ mainly in their digital capabilities. Before purchasing, customers can check in a free online check whether installation is easily possible for them. On request, VW will take over the installation and commissioning of the Wallbox.

The ID.-Charger basic version for the introductory price of 399 euros offers a permanently connected type 2 charging cable and a charging power of up to 11 kW. The Wallbox also has "a compact and robust design with integrated DC residual current protection for maximum safety and easy and cost-effective installation," it says.

With the 599 Euro cost "ID. Charger Connect ", the electric car shop should be digital and smart. The wallbox can be connected to the home network and the smartphone via W-LAN or LAN. As an additional option, the connection via mobile (LTE) is possible. Through connectivity, customers can keep track of usage and charging and benefit from features such as control via app, remote maintenance, access control via charging card and regular software updates.

The top model of the VW Wallbox series "ID. In addition to the digital functions and the standard LTE module, the Charger Pro "is also equipped with an integrated electricity meter for billing per kilowatt-hour. The latter should provide more transparency about the power requirements and allow for a simple billing between company car driver and employer. The ID. Charger Pro costs to market launch from 849 euros, the LTE data costs are included in the price for the entire useful life of the box.

According to estimates by VW, around half of all charging processes for electric cars will be carried out on the domestic parking space in the future. In addition to the ID.-Charger wallboxes, the company will in future be selling its own green electricity offering, which will allow e-cars to be operated emission-free.

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