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By the end of the century, the temperature will rise 2.4 degrees

By the end of the century, the temperature will rise 2.4 degrees
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According to a prognosis of the technology service provider DNV GL, the worldwide energy supply is facing profound changes. However, it will not be possible to limit the increase in global temperature to two degrees and thus fulfill the Paris climate targets, according to the Norwegian company's "Energy Transition Outlook", which was published on Wednesday.

Rather, DNV GL expects the global average temperature of 2.4 degrees to increase by the end of the century. "The energy sector will change fundamentally within just one generation," said the company's technology and research director, Pierre C. Sames, in Hamburg. By the year 2030, global energy consumption will reach its peak and not grow any further. Driver of the development is above all the passenger transport – cars, buses, in addition, mopeds and motorcycles.

DNV GL expects e-vehicles to reach a market share of 50 percent worldwide by 2032. By 2050, 80 percent of the electricity generated by renewable energy. Through savings and efficiency improvements, the energy transition remains affordable; global energy expenditure actually declined in terms of economic output.

"But unfortunately that's not enough to meet the climate goals," said Sames. Renewable energies would grow strongly in the next 30 years and take over an increasing share of the energy supply. Consumption of coal and oil is falling sharply. But by 2050 fossil fuels would contribute more than half to the global energy supply.

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