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The transfer market is on and although there are many rumors, so far there is little that is known of Alex Castro, one of the figures of the League of the second half.

For a week, Tolima Sports, through Gabriel Camargo, said that the good flyer would not continue in the club because they are not willing to exercise the purchase option for one million three hundred thousand dollars.

That forces Castro to return to Cali, although it is not clear that he will continue in the sugar team, according to what he said Tuesday, Karim Gorayeb, the team's new sports director.

“The issue with Alex Castro is somewhat complicated. The player does not have much interest in coming to Cali, I am trying to convince him to get to the club, but nobody can be forced to come. If something comes from outside the player will leave, "Gorayeb said.

After the good semester, Castro put himself in the vision of the fans of several clubs. National, Millionaire, Santa Fe or America fans are looking forward to the arrival of the Antioqueno flyer as an option, but they must wait for the team managers to move intelligently to take it.

For now, the only rumor that has appeared is that Tigres de Mexico would have set its sights on him, although in the own country Manito have no knowledge about this player, so the possibility seems far away.

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