Candidates sign ethical pact and demand sanctions from those who make “dirty war” LRND | Politics


Chimbote The candidates for the Congress of the Republic, although the majority of the leaders of their political parties attended, signed the Ethical Pact of non-aggression during the election campaign.

The president of the Special Electoral Jury of Huaraz, Melicia Brito Malqui, urged applicants to Parliament to take advantage of the short period of the campaign to expose your proposals.

YOU CAN SEE 34 Special Election Juries will be installed on Monday 16

"The attacks or dirty war as some have already denounced they must end, the campaign must be proposals, exposition and debate of ideas so that the electorate votes with conscience, ”he said.

The candidate Norma Alencastre Miranda, who represented Somos Peru, asked for respect among the more than one hundred applicants, said that the ideas are not fought with dirty war on social networks.

“We have to respect ourselves, we have to change the way we do politics. If we want to be congressmen then we take the proposals to the voters so that vote informed, but it is enough to use social networks to defame one and the other with lies, ”he said.

For his part, Carlos Dominguez Herrera, who nominated by Fuerza Popular, denounced that unknown subjects in 4×4 trucks have been erasing their paintings in Chimbote, Nuevo Chimbote and other districts in the province of Santa.

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