Cinema and television: Legault wants to attract major studios in Quebec


Quebec Premier Francois Legault will be touring the giants of the film and television industry in the city of angels to encourage them to showcase Quebec talent all over the world.

"Companies like Netflix, not to name it, can also be a way to broadcast productions that are more local," he said on Sunday, after launching his mission. four-day economic plan in California. "We are good! Sincerely, our series in Quebec are good. "

Mr. Legault, one of the hundreds of thousands of Netflix subscribers in Quebec, is unaware of the impact of the agreement between the number one streaming content provider and the Trudeau government two years ago. "We did not see one," he said in a media scrum in downtown Los Angeles Sunday afternoon. "We have to ask the questions in Ottawa," he added.

In 2017, Netflix committed to invest $ 500 million over five years in Canadian production in exchange for a Goods and Services Tax (GST) holiday from Ottawa. The Quebec premier intends to take stock of this controversial agreement during his first tete-a-tete with his federal counterpart, Justin Trudeau, since his re-election. "I have a long, long list of things to discuss with him," he said, smiling.

Dreaming of a Quebec production with a resonance similar to that experienced in the Spanish television series Casa Del Papel, Mr. Legault is even willing to invest public funds to propel Quebec quality series from large streaming platforms. Certainly, Quebec can not set quotas for Quebec content offered on Netflix et al, he said. "In government, we are very aware that the population of Quebec is still small, proportionately," he said.

Cinema Mission

Legault will make a series of visits to major Hollywood studios on Monday – Netflix Studios, Sony Pictures Studio, The Walt Disney Company (Disney +, 21st Century Fox, Marvel, ABC Studios, Fox) and NBCUniversal – in addition to talk with directors Roland Emmerich and Jean-Marc Vallee.

He will not go out of his way: his government will increase the financial assistance available to producers who choose Quebec as their location. "What I want to try to do with the production companies – Walt Disney, Sony, Netflix – is to tell them: why do not you come in more permanent way than come by project? He told the press Sunday.

The head of the Quebec government is worried about the stagnation of productions shot in Montreal studios, including those of Mel's and Grande. "There is a big competition on tax credits with Toronto and Vancouver," he said.

We are good! Sincerely, our series in Quebec are good.

The Caquist government is ready to offer "better financial benefits" to any actor in the film and television industry guaranteeing the hiring of a certain number of people for a minimum duration – five years for example. "It can be piecemeal agreements (…) that take into account the benefits," said Mr. Legault, citing as a model the agreement with Mitsubishi last September. "You can start with a loan, but if the jobs stay for five years, there is a portion of the loan that can be forgiven," he continued.

Last year, Quebec raised as much as $ 378 million in foreign filming expenses. Mr. Legault mentioned, as a target, an annual increase of 10 or 20% compared to this amount.

The founding president of Rodeo FX, Sebastien Moreau, welcomed the presence of the Quebec premier in Los Angeles. "To come meet them in person, that's sure it has a great influence," said the visual effects expert behind, notably, Stranger Things and Blade Runner 2049.

In Quebec, "there are already good incentives in place," he noted Sunday, while insisting on the need to "always place ourselves in relation to our competitors," starting with London.

Foreign producers currently benefit from a 20% cash rebate for eligible costs related to services rendered in Quebec as well as a 16% bonus of the eligible labor costs required for the production of visual effects. computer animations and scenes shot in front of a chromatic screen.

The Prime Minister of Quebec began his economic mission yesterday by visiting the Staples Center with Kings hockey club president Luc Robitaille. The "Little Guy of Quebec" is the 22nd meter in the history of the National Hockey League, he said in the shadow of the statue of the famous left winger outside the sports complex.

After Los Angeles, Legault will move to Silicon Valley, where he will meet with Stanford University President Marc Tessier-Lavigne and attend a meeting to discuss green technology financing with business leaders. Quebec and venture capital firms. Wednesday, he will block with the governor of the State of California, Gavin Newsom, against the White House, which tries to shatter the carbon market.

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