Felipe Calderon says ‘he is in favor of justice and the law’,


US captures Genaro Garcia Luna, former Secretary of Security of Calderon; He accepted millions of dollars from 'Chapo'.

Genaro Garcia Luna, former Secretary of Security in the administration of Felipe Calderon Hinojosa, arrested in Texas, United States, said Ginger Thompson, correspondent for The New York Times.

Garcia Luna, also former head of the extinct Federal Research Agency (AFI) During the government of Vicente Fox Quesada, he was arrested in Grapevine for the crime of corruption in a New York court.

Thompson noted that the also head of the Federal Research Agency (AFI) During the six-year term of Vicente Fox, he had "all kinds of photos with American officials in his modest bedroom."

Garcia Luna He was the main person in charge of developing the strategy of the so-called "war on drug trafficking" that President Calderon decreed as of December 2006, when a process of unprecedented violence in Mexico was triggered.

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