Goals 4-0, qualified his team to eighths of the Champions League and leaves the club


Napoli achieved the qualification to the knockout stages of the Champions League. The Italian team humill 4-0 to Blk's Genk and got into the top 16 of the most important tournament in Europe. However, the football situation of the club is different and that is why Carlo Ancelotti will leave the club.

The Italian coach is questioned by the board for the poor results and he does not support the management of managers since the meeting that De Laurentis, president of Napoli, with Gennaro Gattuso, former coach of Milan, leaked. At that meeting, Rino was offered an 18-month contract, which he would accept without problems.

"Maana met me with De Laurentiis to assess the current situation," he launched after beating Genk 4-0. The truth is that Ancelotti does not want to continue the meeting with Gattuso.

What nobody can say is that Ancelotti did everything possible for the team, and the best example is that I left him among the best in Europe. Now De Laurentis will have to decide between convincing Ancelotti or finishing closing the agreement with Gattuso.

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