Lula da Silva will return to the streets to oppose the Bolsonaro government: "I have a commitment of faith with the people"


Brazilian ex-president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, twice convicted of corruption, announced Tuesday that he will return to the streets of the country from January to oppose the current president, the ultra-rightist Jair Bolsonaro, and to prove his innocence.

"Starting in January, Lula will be on the street again," said the former head of state (2003-2010), at an event in San Pablo on the occasion of the launch of the second edition of his book "A Verdade will win" (The it will truly win).

Lula, released since last month after spending 580 days in prison, said he has a "commitment of faith with the Brazilian people" and, in this regard, guaranteed that in his marches "will prove" that Brazil "cannot be governed by the type of people "who are currently in the Executive led by Bolsonaro.

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"Those people who are there are not to build, they are to destroy" the social conquests that, according to him, were achieved during the Governments of the Workers Party (PT), first with him as president and then with his successor Dilma Rousseff ( 2011-2016).

"Our people have already learned to have a job, to have a better salary, to eat three times a day," said the former governor.

During his speech, he again launched harsh criticism against the judges who convicted him and Prosecutors of Operation Lava Jato, who built, in his opinion, "lies supported by the press" to avoid his return to power.

Former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva participates in the act of launching the new edition of his book

The former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva participates in the act of launching the new edition of his book "The truth will win: the people know why they condemn me", held in the city of San Pablo. EFE / Sebastião Moreira /

"I am aware that they will not give me a truce, but I am sure that I will not give them a truce," he said, among the cheers of his followers.

"They don't know the strength of a 74-year-old man," he added.

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Lula has been convicted twice for corruption and money laundering in very similar processes related to Operation Lava Jato, which has been investigating for more than five years the millionaire detours that occurred in the state-owned Petrobras.

In the first sentence, ratified in the third instance, he received a sentence of 8 years and 10 months in jail, of which he already served 1 year and 7 months.

The second was ratified about two weeks ago by a court of second instance that increased the punishment to 17 years and 1 month in prison. In addition, other criminal proceedings of a similar nature are open in Justice.

Lula saw his freedom materialize by virtue of a decision of the Supreme Court, which declared unconstitutional that a penalty begins to be served after being confirmed in the second instance and even when there are two possible appeals in the Superior Court of Justice and in the Supreme Court itself .

However, a bill that is currently being processed in Congress and that proposes precisely to execute a sentence once it is ratified in the second instance can return you to prison.

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The text has already received a first approval in the Constitution and Justice Commission of the Senate, although for its final promulgation it still has a long process in both legislative chambers.

In this way, according to Parliament's calculations, an eventual definitive approval could only be given in the second half of next year.

Source: EFE

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