Performance slump after half-time break: FC St. Pauli is only half the value


The best-known saying about the shape of the game machine and the length of a match is no longer dewy. The fact that Sepp Herberger, with his about 70 years young thesis that the ball is round and a game lasts 90 minutes, still hits the nerve of the times, shows the current situation of FC St. Pauli. The would be, if you halve the playing time, with 24 points there outstanding. But unfortunately, usually follows a second passage …

The Kiezklub is worth only half, which is one of the not exactly rare bitter findings of the almost completed first round. Because as positive as the majority of the matches went until the break, so dramatic is the slump, the further the games progress: If you take only the second halves, St. Pauli would with 13 sad points already occupy a relegation zone.

FC St. Pauli with 6:13 goals after the change

The figures on the story is somewhat sobering. 12: 9 Goals are the brown-whites until the break whistle, 6:13 is the ratio in passage number two. Furthermore, the Hamburg are the only team in the league, which has not yet marked a single own goal in the final quarter hour at seven cashed stalls. What's more, Christian Conteh scored the 2-1 goal against Holstein Kiel – one can hardly believe it – 66 minutes!

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Already at the beginning of the season many late St. Pauli goals

And just as the casualty accident is unlikely to be explained by the fact that the training ground would have been built in a haunted graveyard, this fact has reasons and causes. The impression that the Kiezklub grains are noticeably less starting at minute 60 has already solidified since the start of the season, as it hailed goals in the final stages. If dueling and passing rates in the second round through the bank and sometimes significantly worse than in the first half, then is initially in the physical, due to this then in the mental area something in trouble.

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No scorer point for St. Paulis Joker yet!

And obviously so blatantly that not even fresh forces can do anything: At St. Pauli is in the scorer list still the zero, which concerns goals or participation in the game of substitute actors.

How should the FC St. Pauli succeed?

Surely Marvin Knoll is right when he sees more reasons ("We just are not consistent enough in the front"). Also, Jos Luhukay's comment about "lack of effectiveness" and the need to "turn off as soon as possible" is correct. The fact that these complaints recur, that they already have 16 games under their belt, makes the belief in a real change to a minimum.

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