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In Garbsen, there is a dispute over the Tempo 20 zone at the local campus of Leibniz University.

Lower Saxony's state authority for road construction is against a speed-20 zone in Garbsen (Hanover region) before. The applicable since late summer zone at the Garbsen campus of Leibniz University was not allowed and so not been applied for, said a spokesman NDR 1 Niedersachsen. It violates a funding directive. In the affected area at least Tempo 30 must be allowed. Should the city of Garbsen not remove the signs and replace them with Tempo 30 signs, the authority wants to reclaim subsidies for the construction of the road in the amount of 1.8 million euros.



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City: Many students are traveling there

The city of Garbsen, on the other hand, considers the Tempo 20 zone a very sensible measure. Ten kilometers per hour more would be a problem, said Darius Pilarski, group leader of the Greens in the city council, the NDR. Already in the area Tempo 30 and faster driven. Dirk Perschel, head of the Department of Construction Consulting, Transport and Urban Green at the city of Garbsen, also refers to a huge number of students who would cross the street in the area.

Former bypass

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The area in front of the university campus in Garbsen deliberately looks like a big place, says Dirk Perschel.

Reason is the special situation of the nearly 300 meters long section: The road separates the old from the new part of the university – and it was until a year and a half ago a bypass. It was therefore important for the city to make a sign on the spot. "At a Tempo 20 zone, you're already looking closely," said Perschel. The area was also structurally adapted. The carriageway halves are now separated by a wide and about 100 meters long traffic island. It should consciously seem like a great place, according to Perschel.

Compromise on time?

He calls for talks with the state authority for road construction and as a compromise pilot. The Tempo-20 should initially continue to be used and only decide after a certain period of time whether a Tempo 30 zone must be made, so Perschel.

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