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A man of Venezuelan nationality died this afternoon after not resisting the injuries caused by the attack who suffered at the hands of a group of strangers on a street in El Agustino.

Witnesses say that the deceased of approximately 28 years of age was assisted by one of his compatriots and taken to the municipal clinic from Santa Anita aboard the plate mototaxi 3973-5C, however, would have arrived dead.

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On the other hand, some people say that when the injured person arrived the hospital was closed, so he was not treated, despite his state of gravity. The motorcycle was parked at the junction San Pablo street and the Metropolitan Avenue With the corpse inside.

One of the neighbors said she received the version that the young Venezuelan was attacked with slashes and subsequently received a shot by hitmen traveling on a linear motorcycle.

Up to the place came staff from Criminalistics of the National Police of Peru (PNP) to be able to analyze the vehicle where the body lay, although it transpired that the investigations would move until The Augustine, place where the attack occurred.

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The name of the victim would be Junior Medina Olivera and his relatives also came to the scene of crimeHowever, they avoided giving statements to the press. Later the prosecutor came to order the removal of the body for the corresponding forensic exams.

Because of the way in which the murder occurred, it is not ruled out that it is an account adjustment at the hands of hitmen hired

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