Sender's face: Ava Max sings about the new RTLtwo


Ava Max
© RTLzwei / Paul Kuster

In advertising dividers and trailers

The singer Ava Max can be seen on RTLzwei in the next three months, so she will act as the face of the station among other things in trailers and advertising dividers. There she presents her new song and is supposed to transport the new design of the station.

by Timo Niemeier

10.12.2019 – 14:09 clock

With her debut single "Sweet but Psycho" the singer Ava Max not only reached number one in the German charts, the song also helped her to a worldwide breakthrough. Now Ava Max transmitter face of RTLzwei. Now it can be seen in trailers and advertising dividers and will underlay them with a corresponding sound. So the singer is to transport the new design of the transmitter and bring the spectators closer.

In a 50-second image trailer, advertising dividers and Promoblock Closern she performs her current song "Torn" and another title. Where "new" in this context is not quite right, "Torn" was already published in August. Ava Max is staged in a white room that becomes a tunnel of blue light tubes.

Carlos Zamorano, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer RTLzwei, says: "Ava Max's powerful voice and keen sense of fashion make it easy to stage her own unique look and feel, making her a great newcomer to RTLzwei as a young and modern brand – and to our current re-design, which is straightforward, bright and open to the demands of all communication channels. "

To make Ava Max the face of the station, RTLzwei has entered into a cooperation with Warner Music. The company's Head of Media Cooperations, Ivo Bacic, said: "RTLzwei's new design perfectly reflects the look and feel of Ava Max … shrill, colorful and idiosyncratic – this campaign is just a perfect match."


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