United Kingdom: Doctor was found guilty of several sexual crimes against minor patients


Manish shah, a 50-year-old doctor from the city of Romford, at United Kingdom, has been found guilty of 25 sexual offenses against their patients. In accordance with The independent, the doctor convinced the people who attended to him to be allowed to perform invasive and unnecessary examinations.

The doctor used the cases of the actress Angelina Jolie and the celebrity Jade goody to justify his actions and infringe fear on his patients, so that women and girls (under 11 years old) would allow him unnecessary revisions to satisfy his own pleasure.

“Fear is an incredible motivator and few medical concerns are as scary as cancer. Dr. Shah used this disease for his own gratification. ”said the prosecutor Kate Bex before the jury.

Some victims, in addition, were particularly vulnerable due to their age or the medical history of their families. In at least one case, the doctor used the cancer he suffered Angelina Jolie (who had a complete mastectomy) to ask the girls if she could examine her breasts.

Also, the prosecutor said that the doctor gave kisses and hugs to his patients, and that he wanted each one to feel "special." The jury revealed that he did not always wear gloves when handling his patients and that, on one occasion, he forced a woman to lie completely naked on a stretcher.

The 50-year-old man denied the accusations, and claimed that what he practiced was called "Defensive medicine". However, he will be sentenced on February 7 for the 25 cases of women who have been compiled.

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