Uruguayan company develops a material that can replace plastic


Its founders are interested in the coverings, but recognize that the possibilities are endless.

The fungus works as if it were a gum, Machado explains: they place it in organic waste and start growing around that material. Once it grows enough, it "eats" the waste until it is compacted. Once this has happened, the fungus is killed and the resulting material is given the desired shape.

The possibilities are limited to the imagination.

Today his interest is to develop coatings. With the support of ANNI and ORT, they make the technical validations to appear in the LATU.

Machado explained that the material they make takes the form of the different molds they use, which allows infinite variables. This makes it possible to create from a single-use plastic to some part of a car, furniture, or building.

The entire process takes seven days.

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