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You can now try this function in the Windows 10 command console to find out what takes up space on your hard drive

The objective of the #Microsoft #Insider #Program with #Windows is that through the different existing channels, new functions, additions and improvements can be tested and tested before they reach the rest of the users. #And one of the possibilities they are already testing is a new function for the command console.

#It is a new tool that helps us discover what is the content that is taking up space in the hard drive of our computer showing the size of folders and drives. A function that responds to the name “#DiskUsage”.

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#What takes up space on our hard drive

#This way you can get the size of a folder from the command line without using any third party tools. A really practical function when we’re running out of hard drive space and we do not know what programs or files are occupying the storage.

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#This is the #DiskUsage command, which is located in the path “C: #Windows #System32 diskusage.exe”. A utility that what it does is show the size of a folder on the hard drive. #At a glance, you can check which folders occupy a certain space.

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#Upon entering the command console (just type CMD in the search box) and type “diskusage /” we will see a series of instructions so that we can apply filters to obtain a specific result. #For example, you can search for folders that are more than 1 GB in size with this command:

diskusage / minFileSize = 1073741824 / hc: windows

#Thus, when using #DiskUsage, and with this command, we have access to a list with all the folders, including the C: #Windows folder, that are larger than 1 GB.

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#In addition, we can experiment with other functions, so that we can list the main folders on a drive or in a specific folder with the command “/ t =[número]”. The result of the order is this, diskusage / t = 5 / hc: windows), so that it displays an ordered list of 5 folders.


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#In addition, we can also list the main files in size using the command “/ u =[número], for example being like this diskusage /u=5 /h c:windows.


The #DiskUsage statement is still in an early stage of development, so there are aspects that should be polished. #This does not mean that we are faced with a function that can give a lot of play, especially for those used to using the command console.

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