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Status: 07.01.2020 04:47 p.m.

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The 80-year-old has been sentenced to two years’ imprisonment and has been suspended.

The district court of Vechta sentenced an 80-year-old farmer who had rammed a 69-year-old cyclist with his car in July to a two-year prison sentence. Because of the old age of the accused, the sentence was suspended. The judge said that the punishment may simply not be survived. Both men knew each other and said in court that they had been hostile for decades. Where this comes from remained vague in the process. The 80-year-old pushed the 69-year-old off his bike with his off-road vehicle, after which he fell into the ditch. The defendant then took a wooden ax handle from the car, also climbed into a ditch and used it to hit his victim.

80-year-old denies intent

The court sentenced the man to dangerous bodily harm in two cases. “We are convinced that this was a deliberate accident,” said the judge. There was no doubt about the blows either. The defendant, however, denied a resolution. The 69-year-old, also a farmer, drove ahead of him in serpentine lines. When he tried to overtake him, the accident occurred. This happened when the 69-year-old wanted to turn into his yard with his electric bike. The victim called his sons, who rushed to help. Because he was afraid of the sons, he took the ax handle, said the 80-year-old in court. He did not strike with it. However, the witnesses saw it differently.

Defendant loses driving license

The 69-year-old suffered serious injuries to his arms and legs and a thumb was broken. He had to be treated twice in the hospital. The 69-year-old testified that the defendant had already hit his bike twice that day. The 80-year-old must pay his victim EUR 3,000 in pain compensation as a parole. In addition, the farmer, who lives alone on his remote farm, must hand in his driving license.

Further information

Judgment in the trial of Ahlem’s auto attack in May: The Hanover Regional Court sentenced the driver of the car to three years in prison. His brother was given a suspended sentence. (08.11.2018)

The Stade District Court sentenced a man who drove his car into a crowd in Cuxhaven. Seven people were injured in the process. The man has been imprisoned for four years. (05.16.2018)

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