FlixBus carries 3.1 million passengers in the Netherlands


Last year FlixBus transported 3.1 million passengers from, to and within the Netherlands, an increase of 20 percent compared to 2018. Parent company FlixMobility continues to grow rapidly in existing and new markets and transported more than 62 million passengers worldwide in 2019, an increase of no less than 37%, after an increase of 40% in 2018. The FlixMobility network now comprises – thanks in part to newly acquired companies such as Eurolines and Kamil Koc – 2,500 destinations, accessible by FlixBus buses and FlixTrain trains.

“In just seven years, we have succeeded in becoming the largest bus provider in the world, with more than 400,000 daily connections to thousands of destinations,” says Andre Schwammlein, founder and CEO of FlixMobility. “I am proud that we can offer affordable and technologically advanced mobility to many millions of people, knowing that in most countries the long-distance bus is the most climate-friendly way of traveling. It feels good to lead a development that benefits both people and the environment. ”

International expansion
In 2019, FlixMobility made the roads outside Europe even greener with the acquisition of Turkey’s largest bus company, Kamil Koc. Closer to the FlixBus headquarters in Munich, the provider of long-distance bus services Eurolines was acquired, further extending the reach of FlixMobility. FlixBus has been active in the United States since 2018; In the past year there have been many regional expansions and now FlixBus connects more than one hundred American destinations. The new decade brings more ambitious expansion. FlixBus expands to South America and Asia.

FlixTrain & FlixCar
Since its launch in 2018, FlixTrain has rapidly expanded its network in Germany. The internationalization of FlixTrain was also announced at the end of last year. This year, FlixTrain also hopes to put green wagons on the track in Sweden. Just in time for the Christmas rush of 2019, FlixMobility launched its newest mobility brand: FlixCar. FlixCar can currently be used in France, but more countries will follow soon. FlixCar is a free and easy-to-use carpooling service platform that connects drivers and passengers who want to share a ride. With the new service, FlixMobility wants to make even more destinations accessible in an easy and affordable way that promotes sustainability.

Intensification and growth in the Netherlands
The number of passengers in the Netherlands grew considerably last year, by no less than 20% compared to 2018. Last year, 3.1 million people traveled to, from or within the Netherlands. The FlixBus network in the Netherlands also continued to grow; there are even more green buses running between existing connections; popular destinations can be reached from even more places in the Netherlands and new stops have been added in the Netherlands. Haarlem, Franeker, Hoorn and Kop Afsluitdijk were added to the range.

This growth did not go unnoticed by the Dutch municipalities. More and more bus stops in the Netherlands have been refurbished or completely new stops and facilities have been realized. A FlixBus stop was realized in Eindhoven last year, where travelers can wait comfortably and dry for the FlixBus. At the beginning of this year, the first international bus station in Maastricht will be opened, which will be the first in the Benelux to be equipped with a travel information display. More FlixBus stops will be equipped with this in the coming year and FlixBus will continue to invest in facilities for its travelers.

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