Safety comes first: Malaysia Airlines ban Boeing 737 Max


There will be no new Boeing 737 Max for Malaysia Airlines in 2020. The airline fears for the safety of passengers and cancels its order. After two crashes with a total of 346 deaths, Boeing has to stop production. The machines have been on the ground for months.
The airline Malaysia Airlines does not want to relieve the ailing aircraft manufacturer Boeing of medium-haul jets of the type 737 Max this year. The airline justified its decision with the production stop for the model and the uncertainty as to when the machines may take off again.


After the crash of two planes in Indonesia and Ethiopia, the machines of the type are no longer allowed to start worldwide.

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“Malaysia Airlines sees the safety of its flight operations and customers as a top priority,” the company said. The airline welcomes Boeing’s steps to improve operations to ensure the safe operation of the 737 Max. Malaysia Airlines has ordered 25 copies of the modernized medium-haul jet, but has not yet received a single aircraft.

After the crash of two planes in Indonesia and Ethiopia with a total of 346 deaths, the machines of the type are no longer allowed to take off worldwide. Deliveries have also stopped. Boeing has already built more than 400 jets on stockpile and is now temporarily interrupting production. In December the group fired its previous boss Dennis Muilenburg. In 2019, Boeing fell far behind its European rival Airbus in deliveries and new orders.

Boeing 330.59

Boeing had given up simulator training

At the center of the crisis is the MCAS control program developed for the 737 Max, which according to research reports played a decisive role in the crashes. Boeing is now recommending training in the flight simulator for all pilots before restarting the misfortune pilot. The regulators would make the final decision on the matter, it said.

Boeing did not recommend simulator training when the aircraft was introduced. Such training is expensive for airlines. The lack of such requirements is therefore often seen as an important argument when selling new aircraft models.

Just like Boeing, Malaysia Airlines made headlines with disasters a few years ago. In 2014 flight MH 370 disappeared almost without a trace, then an aircraft of the airline was accidentally shot down over the Ukraine. The passenger numbers then collapsed. The airline has been in the red for eight years, according to the Aerotelegraph portal. In 2016, austerity measures led to an improvement in results, but in 2017 the loss increased again. Investors are now being sought.

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