Star Academy: a former candidate for the Belgian version killed by his neighbor


Jean-Yves Wargnies had participated in the Star Academy in 2002. After receiving numerous bullets, Monday December 30, 2019, he succumbed to his injuries Friday January 3, 2020.

It is a drama that affected the small town of Belgium, Marchienne-au-Pont, attached to Charleroi, Monday, December 30, 2019. While Jean-Yves Wargnies, who had made himself known to the general public by participating in the Star Academy, Belgian version in 2002, was carrying out work at his place, his neighbor couldn’t take the noise anymore. So he decided to ring the doorbell and ask him to stop. A few minutes later, when he returned home, he decides to bring a pistol and returns to attack the singer, who was going to celebrate his 47th birthday next February. After having managed to avoid a first shot, Jean-Yves Wargnies fled on the roof of his house, pursued by his attacker, a 66-year-old man.

A series of shots were fired and the victim was hit in the leg before he managed to escape on foot“, said the prosecution, which echoes. During the chase, neighbor fired a second round of shots, hitting his victim in the head. Fighting since to survive, the latter succumbed to his injuries, Friday January 3, 2020. “It seems that this is a neighborhood conflict that has been going on for some time. The suspect even indicates that he has already called the police to find out the nuisance caused“, explained Sandrine Vairon, Charleroi division prosecutor.

Jean-Yves Wargnies’ attacker known to the police

The gunman, who was already known to the police for threats and bodily harm, was indicted and placed under arrest warrant for attempt and breach of the arms legislation, as a first step. According to the prosecution, the facts could be reclassified as assassination, following the death of Jean-Yves Wargnies. After his experience in Star Academy, he joined a rock group, with which he had notably performed the first part of Indochina twice.

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