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The world is digitizing. And so that everything runs smoothly, the right staff is required. The lack of specialists in IT is omnipresent for many companies. Good prospects for those who are familiar with numbers and data. A new study shows who earns what in the industry.
If you understand data and numbers well, you could think about earning your living in the IT industry. Because here you can expect decent salaries with good job prospects. In addition, there is a shortage of skilled workers almost everywhere in the industry. Sounds like an employee market.

Who deserves what in the industry, they have Analysts at Compensation Partner’s compensation advisory looked at the 12,073 salary information of specialists and executives in the IT industry. And first of all they find that the salaries of IT executives rose by 3 percent in 2019, that of specialists and specialists by 1.5 percent.

Advice particularly rewarding

Consulting specialists currently receive the highest salaries in consulting and analysis. Here, annual income averages 78,710 euros. It is followed by IT security experts with 73,919 euros and software developers in the backend area with 73,152 euros annually.

Employees in 1st level support (solution-oriented consulting work, for example in a call center or help desk) are in last place with 37,172 euros. In 2nd level support (here IT specialists take care of software installation and other problems that first level support could not solve. In addition, they maintain IT systems), the annual salary is 44,647 euros. Database administrators earn around 49,398 euros. “IT security experts have dominated salary rankings in recent years. IT consultants have overtaken them for the first time this year,” said Philip Bierbach, Managing Director of Compensation Partner.

*Data protection

Anyone who tries to be a manager, on the other hand, can enjoy significantly more salary. Even in small companies with fewer than 100 employees, IT managers earn an average of 105,946 euros. The highest incomes lure in large companies with over 1001 employees: An average of 143,252 euros can be obtained here.

Biotechnology ahead in the industry comparison

In addition, it was examined how the educational qualification affects income. Result: IT specialists with completed training earn an average of 51,593 euros. Those with a master’s degree come to around 57,094 euros and thus receive more than their colleagues with a bachelor’s degree. According to the study, these are just behind with 56,880 euros. Employees with a master’s degree, on the other hand, reach 69,985 euros. IT specialists with the most degrees receive an average annual salary of 82,346 euros.

The study also found that biotechnology is above the overall average with a salary level of 39 percent.

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