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Former officials of the second government of Alan Garcia, Jorge Cuba and Edwin Luyo, they could reach full freedom in the Odebrecht case, where they are charged for the alleged kickbacks received for the award of the Lima Metro project.

Admission of appeal by Jorge Cuba and Edwin Luyo against the use of electronic shackles.

During today’s hearing, the First Appeals Chamber against Organized Crime He left to vote the request of both so that they removed the electronic device that each one has on their feet. The Public Ministry aligned with the arguments of the defenses.

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In this regard, the Deputy Superior Prosecutor of the Lava Jato Special Team, Oliver ChavezHe argued that the decision of Judge Richard Concepcion Carhuancho on November 10 was not regular when imposing the measure.

This is because, according to legislative decree 1322, “express acceptance of the accused is required.” In addition, the requirements specified in article 288 of the Criminal Code were not met.

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In order for both to enjoy the benefit of electronic surveillance, the possible crime committed had to be less than 8 years old, be over 65, have a serious illness, among others. However, none of them was met.

So much Jorge Cuba how Edwin Luyo were present before the superior judges Sonia Torres, Edita Condori and Romulo Carcausto, who will issue their decision within the term of the law.

Jorge Cuba responds

At the conclusion of the hearing, the former Minister of Communications Jorge Cuba told the press that “we believe there is no impartiality” in the magistrate’s decision Concepcion Carhuancho and the shackle limits it to the perimeter of your home.

He also highlighted that there are reports of INPE who refused to impose the shackle because the requirements were not met. “At all times we have raided and collaborated with justice,” he said in court.

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Cuba Hidalgo and Luyo Barrientos were investigated by the prosecutor Jose Domingo Perez and the preventive detention against both was in force since January 2017.

The two were also charged with money laundering and were asked for more than 25 years in prison. Cuba would have received around US $ 6 million 700 thousand by section 2 of the Lima Metro, while the rest, including it, were paid US $ 1 million 385 thousand.

Control of allegations of money laundering and corruption of officials in the case are not yet resumed. This Friday, January 24, also, the challenge of Cuba against Concepcion Carhuancho will be evaluated.

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