World | Accident in Quebec: two Alsatians and three Vosgiens among the missing


A group of eight French tourists, who went on a snowmobile expedition in northern Quebec, were involved in an accident on Tuesday evening.

“The ice gave way” under the weight of the machines, explained the Sûrete de Quebec.

Early indications are that the group’s Canadian guide is dead.

Five tourists are currently missing: a 24-year-old Bas-Rhinois, a 34-year-old Haut-Rhinois and three Vosgiens aged 24, 25 and 58, according to information from France 3.

There are said to be three survivors, tourists from the Haut-Rhin.

Off road

Police were alerted by two of the tourists who had just recovered one of them from the icy waters. His craft had pierced the ice as the group crossed an “off-piste” area on a river from Lac Saint-Jean, about 225 km north of Quebec City.

While the ice in Lac Saint-Jean is several tens of centimeters thick at this time of year, it was much thinner at the source of the Saguenay River where the accident occurred.

Police and the military were immediately called in for help Tuesday evening with the help of a military helicopter.

A team of divers resumed this difficult search this Wednesday morning in an attempt to find the missing, with the help of firefighters in particular.

Ice is very fragile due to currents

“People who know the place know that you should not go to this area because the ice is very fragile due to the currents,” Gaetan Gagne, president of the Lac Saint-Snowmobile Club told Radio-Canada. Jeans.

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