Android 11 always more delayed due to the current social climate


Google has announced that the event around Android 11 originally scheduled for early June will ultimately not take place. “Now is not the time to party.”

The announcements concerning Android 11 as well as the first beta keep getting pushed back. After the Coronavirus, it is the turn of the current social climate against the backdrop of protests in the United States that reports the event.

Android 11 beta pushed back

In one tweet, Google said “be excited to say more about Android 11, but the weather is not conducive to celebrations“, Stating that the event of June 3 and the deployment of the beta are postponed to a later date, without further clarification. The message nevertheless promises to return “soon

A chain of circumstances

As a reminder, Google originally planned, as every year, to unveil new functions of Android 11 and launch the first beta version of this update May 12, on the occasion of the Google I / O 2020. This congress was nevertheless canceled due to coronavirus health crisis.

Like many other market players, the Mountain View company was therefore forced to adapt and modify its plans as well as its calendar. In early May, it was announced that the event would take place online, on Youtube, June 3. As the date approaches, however, the presentation of the new features in Android 11 is once again put back on Greek calendars.

An unfavorable social climate

Although Google does not reveal the exact reasons for the postponement, it is obvious that the climate in the United States is not conducive to announcements that are festive, as well as to the media coverage that should accompany such an event. It would not necessarily be fashionable at this time to hold a conference of this magnitude.

As a reminder, the death of George Floyd, an African-American who died following his brutal arrest by the police in Minneapolis, Minnesota, led to numerous demonstrations across the country, against a background of racial protests concerning the use tried disproportionate force on the African-American population – echoing in particular the deaths of Breonna Taylor in March in Kentucky, a paramedic shot by the police, or of Ahmaud Arbery in February in Georgia, a jogger killed by civilians in his neighborhood (who in this state can legally arrest a criminal by force if necessary and who have finally been charged with murder after several weeks without being disturbed by the justice system).

The movement, initially peaceful, quickly grew to the point of rioting in some places. This is the case, for example, in San Jose and Oakland, California, in the region where both Google headquarters and a large part of its employees are located.

The situation continues to grow every day and Google is therefore certainly waiting to see the turn of this social upheaval before announcing a new date. The final deployment of Android 11 is still expected in the third quarter of this year.

After briefly mentioning some new features by mistake, Google has finally officially launched Android 11, or at least the Developer Preview version which, as its name suggests, is designed for developers, with a preview of the new features to come from here …
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