Coronavirus: 109 outbreaks of contamination in France since May 11, no resumption of the epidemic



SANITARY CRISIS – Since May 11 and the end of confinement, 109 foci of contamination have been identified in the country, announces Public Health France. However, this does not indicate a resumption of the epidemic, tempers the health agency.

Since the containment was lifted on May 11, the signals are still green, with a number of resuscitation patients in constant decline. However, the virus is still circulating in the country. Friday, Public Health France unveiled the number of foci of contamination located since the start of deconfinement. According to her, 109 outbreaks of Covid-19 (excluding Ehpad and restricted family environment), or “clusters”, have been identified in the country.

In detail, the health agency reports that 104 of them are located in metropolitan France, and 5 in the overseas departments and regions. None has so far been responsible for the spread of the epidemic, tempers Public Health France. More broadly, there is “no signals in favor of a resumption of the epidemic”.

A number of “clusters” multiplied by 2 in a week

“No uncontrolled community dissemination (occurrence of new cases outside the community and linked to the cluster) is reported”, says Public Health France. In one in five cases, the outbreak is controlled (no new case 7 days after the last) or even extinguished (no new case within 14 days).

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The number of outbreaks of contamination is rising sharply: at the previous point on May 21, it amounted to 46. The health authorities have however repeatedly reminded that an increase was not bad news in itself, but reflected on the contrary, a better ability to identify, provided that these foci are controlled by isolating the positive cases.

Among these 109 households, “64% have more than 5 cases”. “They concern in particular people in precarious and vulnerable situations (19% in social accommodation and integration establishments, and 6% in vulnerable communities), health establishments (22%) and more generally businesses (20 % private and public companies) “, specifies the health agency.

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Almost 150,000 cases confirmed in France since January

Furthermore, it considers that “149,071 cases of Covid-19 have been confirmed in France” between January 21 and May 28. This number comes from new estimates more “exhaustive” thanks to “the transmission of data from patients tested in city laboratories and in hospital laboratories” (a system called SI-DEP).

For the week of May 18 to 24, “216,891 patients have been tested” at Covid-19 and 4,119 were positive (1.9%). The positivity rate of virological tests (which allow you to know if you are infected when you do them) is important for early detection of a possible resumption of the epidemic.

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Public health France underlines that “For more than 7 weeks, the epidemiological indicators of circulation of the coronavirus have been falling or have remained at low levels in mainland France”. Among these indicators (death, hospitalization, entry into intensive care, etc.), “the proportion of new cases (…) among residents in nursing homes has decreased over the past 14 days, compared to the previous 14 days”.

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