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Art Minister Bernd Sibler is a guest “behind the curtain” of the Gärtnerplatz Theater

If you expect a few hard, unmistakable statements from a public discussion with the Bavarian Minister of Art Bernd Sibler at this time about how things can continue with art and culture, then you are wrong. The most accurate statement comes from the actress Jutta Speidel: “We have always been the Kaschperl from the king.” And as it is with kings and their puppets: some have power and others can be happy when they are allowed to do something edifying.

Martina Holler and David Pia end up playing the “Swan” from Camille Saint-Saëns’ “Carnival of the Animals”.

(Photo: Michael Heidinger)

Nevertheless, this evening should not be understood as a great disillusionment. For the fourth time, Josef E. Köpplinger, director of the State Theater on Gärtnerplatz, is inviting “Behind the curtain”. It looks like he invites guests to a witty conversation, sits with them on the slowly rotating stage, you can look longingly into the empty auditorium and members can present the house with a few pieces of music. The whole thing is well done, neatly pre-produced, so not live, which is why Sibler’s statements may lag behind in actuality for a few days. But it’s not about tough surveys anyway. This evening works best on the Gärtnerplatz homepage as a cultivated soirée, in which you indulge a little melancholy in the joy of art, memories, anecdotes, of which Köpplinger himself, incidentally the greatest living treasure of quotations, knows how to contribute.

Gärtnerplatz behind the curtain
Minister of Art Bernd Sibler proves to be a friendly guest.

(Photo: Michael Heidinger)

Of course, the importance of art is undoubtedly important to everyone, especially now. This is underpinned by performances by the gardener artists Timos Sirlantzis, Benjamin Spa, Martina Holler, David Pia and Maximilian Mayer, who also takes part in the conversation with Sibler, Speidel and Köpplinger. The Minister himself does not have the slightest desire to let Speidel and Köpplinger tease him out of his friendly, detached feel-good concept. Jutta Speidel, founder of the association Horizont, which is also supported by the Gärtnerplatztheater, points out that artists cannot transform themselves into a Teflon pan at the moment, that they are finally taking to the streets and clearly saying that they have been forgotten. Sibler, decidedly more Teflon than the artists mentioned, refers – certainly with good reason – to the various state aids, admits that you can’t reach everyone with all your efforts, and does what he did the past two and a half months: that Prime Minister Markus Söder “in persona” had culture in the program right from the start. And with that he could take the work off him, he could add, but he doesn’t.

Mayer believes that a lot is currently in the hands of politics, Siebler replies that politics without a connection to society is not possible. This is praiseworthy in itself, but it sounds to him as if one could deduce from this that the creative will of a minister who has stood up for the arts is limited to sensing a common sense, the car dealerships, hardware stores, beer gardens, football games , The focus is on airlines and, if the kings have some time for Kaschperl, art also allows a little. Perhaps you are doing him wrong, so we all love each other better.

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