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The caregiver premium extended in Ardèche

The nursing staff of Ardèche hospitals will be able to benefit from the Covid bonus, announced on Saturday elected officials from this department, which was not initially selected for the payment of this bonus.

“This is it, it is won, following our muscular interventions in the National Assembly and in the Senate, the hospital center of the Southern Ardèche in Aubenas will be integrated into appendix 2 of the prime decree Covid-19”, Fabrice Brun, LR deputy for Ardèche, Mathieu Darnaud and Jacques Genest, senators (LR), said in a tweet. “Under the terms of this decree, the school head may decide to increase the premium to 1,500 euros in services or for agents particularly involved in the management of the health crisis”, they specify. “I am delighted to see that the message addressed to Olivier Véran has been heard”, underlined in a press release the president of the departmental council of Ardèche Laurent Ughetto.

According to him, the Annonay and Aubenas hospitals “will be able to benefit from the premium for carers” and “the list of Ardèche residents receiving the bonus should also be enlarged”. “However, I remain vigilant and I wait to see the precise modalities to be sure that those who were mobilized during this crisis have the recognition that they deserve”, he added. “This does not prevent this department from being forgotten, it has been corrected and it is only justice”, also told AFP MP Hervé Saulignac (PS).

Alain Ughetto and Hervé Saulignac, both elected PS, had expressed their “misunderstanding”, of their “disarray” and their “anger” face this “injustice”, in two letters sent in mid-May to Olivier Véran, Minister of Health.

Hospital staff from 40 departments, mainly in the north and east of France, will receive the maximum amount (1,500 euros net) of the bonus promised by the government as a reward for their efforts during the coronavirus epidemic.

In Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, this measure should initially concern Drôme, Loire, Rhône and Haute-Savoie but not Ardèche, where only staff who worked in the Covid + departments of the Privas hospital , called “benchmarks”, were to receive this bonus; the others receiving only 500 euros, as elsewhere.

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