2nd League: Clear wins for Young Violets & Amstetten to restart


The 2nd Football League continued its season on Friday with the first four games of the 20th round. In ghost games SKU Amstetten achieved the clearest success in the 4-0 in Dornbirn, also the Young Violets of Wiener Austria cheered in the 3-0 over Blau Weiß Linz. The fourth-placed Steyr did not get beyond a goalless draw at the FAC, Horn and Liefering also shared the points at 1-1.

Table leader Ried had the opportunity to present in the evening game against Lafnitz (20.30). The chasing Austria Klagenfurt is only challenged on Sunday (10.30 a.m.) against Kapfenberg.

The FAC (13th) defied a draw in the first game under former co-head coach Aleksandar Gitsov Steyr. Forward goalie Bernhard Staudinger, however, gave the successful representation for Reinhard Großalber, who had not been nominated for the 29-man squad due to his work as a teacher.

The Young Violets improved to sixth place with a clear 3-0 over Blau Weiß Linz. Caner Cavlan shocked Blau Weiß Linz and his goalie Nicolas Schmid with a long-range shot after four minutes on his first league appearance of the season. The Linz regular goalie Ammar Helac, whose transfer to Vienna Austria will soon be completed, also experienced the 2-0 of Niels Hahn (45.+1) sitting on the substitutes’ bench at his home in spe. In the final minute Johannes Handl made it 3-0 after a corner ball.

Dornbirn to ninth chanceless

In Horn, Michael Cheukoua equalized the visitors’ lead through Tobias Anselm (35th) just before the break (44th). After yellow-red for Wallison (50th) – the Brazilian flew off the pitch for the second time in the eighth mandatory game for Liefering – Salzburg cooperation player Youba Diarra made a comeback after his knee surgery. Both teams still had good opportunities, but it remained at 1-1.

Amstetten celebrated the highest victory of the season in the 4-0 in Dornbirn and the first after five winless games. David Peham (18th) after marcel Canadi and Canadi himself (42nd) provided the 2-0 lead at the break, into which Dornbirn only went to tenth: Lukas Fridrikas flew off the pitch after a rude tackle (45.+2). Daniel Maderner (65th) and again Peham (70th/after Maderner-Assist) trailed for the ninth-placed Lower Austrians. At Dornbirn (14th) Deniz Mujic also saw yellow-red (82nd) in the final phase.



Contribution image: GEPA.

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