accuses Morena of Senate benching


Angel Avila Romero, national leader of the Prd, accused a “assault on democracy”, on the part of Brunette in the Senate, after the dissolution of the bench of his party and the PES, for not meeting the minimum of members in his fractions.

The paralyst leader accused that the Standing Committee of Congress “has no powers” to decide the dissolution of parliamentary fractions, and with that Morena seeks, “as it may, to have the majority” in the legislative body.

“Morena seeks to see a majority in the Standing Committee to weaken the opposing bloc. If the ‘maneuver’ to disappear the PRD parliamentary group in the Senate were confirmed, we would be facing the assault on the Legislative Power to build fictitious majority,” he said.

Avila Romero also referred to an agreement he signed from the Political Coordination Board (Jucopo) in the Senate in September last year, where a commitment to keep fractions as they were since the beginning of the 64Th Legislature is established.

Since May 2019, the PRD stayed with only three lawmakers in the House of Senators, after Juan Zepeda and María Leonor Noyola went on the benches of Citizen Movement and Green Party, respectively.

“It would break the legal and democratic order in the Senate and generate a lousy precedent. This would involve breaking dialogue as a way to settle differences and would establish authoritarian control by the party of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

“We call for a halt to this outrage into the democratic life of Congress. Brunette must understand that in the rules of democracy minorities also have rights and cannot be crushed. We expect a correction soon of this decision for the good of the country,” he added.

There’s agreement with Monreal: Mancera

In this regard, Miguel Angel Mancera Espinosa stated that he will deal with the matter with the President of the Jucopo, Ricardo Monreal Avila (Morena), “regarding the agreement of all groups of September 5, 2019”.

The PAN bench unveiled the Jucopo’s agreement of 5 September 2019 to keep the parliamentary groups with which the 64Th Legislature began.

“The Political Coordination Board in order to ensure plural representation in the plenary of the House of Senators and with broad respect for the autonomous organization and internal functioning of each of the parliamentary groups agrees to respect the permanence of all the parliamentary groups with which the 64-30 Legislature began,” the agreement states.

On the first sheet of the agreement are the signatures of Senators Ricardo Monreal Avila, coordinator of Morena; Mauricio Kuri González of the PAN, as well as Miguel Angel Osorio Chong of the PRI. The document is integrated by a second page on which the forms of the other members of the Jucopo would be.


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