Activists exaggerate, no police abuse: Jalisco authorities


Jalisco Security Coordinator Macedonio Tamez Guajardo said that at the protest #JusticiaParaGiovanni there were no abuses of police, and that the activists who accuse them exaggerate.

The official said those who accuse police abuse they’re lying and self-victimizing.

#JusticiaParaGiovanni: Jalisco agents respond with gas, beatings and 26 arrests to protest against police abuse

“It’s the activists with the usual speech… the policemen were not armed, the police had orders not to repress and reach the dialogue to which they refused… what the police did was contain,” Tamez told the program Tyando Cabos of Formula Group.

This, despite various videos posted by protesters and media showing the reaction of the police with gas, screams, intimidation, beatings and violent arrests.

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“Many activists self-victimize or exaggerate what may have happened to them; if any policeman who did something wrong will be sanctioned, but the videos I’ve seen about the cops more looks like self-defense than assaulting protesters,” the security coordinator insisted.

On the UN’s pronouncement against excessive use of force, Macedonian Tamez said they will attend to his comments, but that they “should investigate first and ask before launching complaints, complaints and more.”

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