Adding 139 dead and 3 thousand 421 cases


The number of coronavirus cases in Nuevo León reached 3 thousand 421, the Secretariat of State Health reported in a press conference at the Government Palace.

Of the total cases, 860 were confirmed by the Indre, 147 in private hospitals and 1,414 in private laboratories.

As for deaths, 10 more were recorded, giving a total of 139, this day is the one that accumulates the most death.

Amalia Becerra Aquino, deputy director of the Metropolitan Hospital, reported that the 25-44-year-old group accounts for the largest number of cases, with a thousand 562.

As for contagion, Monterrey with 826, Guadeloupe follows, with 627, and Apodaca with 457.

He added that 21 percent of patients have required hospitalization, while 79 percent are outpatient.

He asked the population to, if they have any symptoms, the test is performed.

On the availability of the tests, initially the target was 30 thousand, however, so far they carry 35 thousand 724, and the goal is now 50 thousand.

“There is no limit, whatever is needed we will make,” he said.

The official noted that on Thursday in the municipality of Montemorelos 15 cases were reported, however, in 24 hours there were 39 new cases in that town hall, with the same as 54 cases.

University Hospital and Clinic 4 and 6 have had the highest number of deathsBecerra Aquino emphasized.

As for press conferences, he indicated that they have plannedand carry out in a virtual way, to prevent journalists from being exposed to contagion, as already occurred.

He detailed that so far there are 10 positive journalists with covid-19, in the age range of 25 to 45 years, all asymptomatic, and are at home.

In addition, he reported that have conducted 100 tests on reporters, and photographers who attended the coronavirus update press conferences.

As for asylum cases, he stressed that there is one more death, so totaling 12 deaths.

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