AFRICAN-AMERICAN DEATH – Minesota files civil rights lawsuit against Minneapolis Police over Floyd’s death


Minesota state has on Tuesday filed a civil rights lawsuit against the Minneapolis Police Department for the actions of four of its officers during the arrest that resulted in the death of African-American citizen George Floyd.

“Silence is complicity. The inhabitants of Minesota can expect that our administration will use all the tools at our disposal to deconstruct generations of systemic racism in our state,” said Governor Minesota, Tim Walz.

Walz has noted that the Minesota Department of Human Rights will conduct an investigation into the practices and procedures of the Minneapolis Police over the past 10 years to determine whether it has committed other discriminatory and racist practices over the past decade.

The Governor’s Office has issued a statement on this issue that it has also been reported that the investigation will be carried out by minesota’s Human Rights Department commissioner, Rebecca Lucero.

“George Floyd should be alive. It deserved to live a life full of dignity and joy,” said Lucero, who in turn has acknowledged that some of this decision responds to the “work” and “commitment” shown in recent years by “community leaders” who “have been calling for structural change.”

For their part, the Minneapolis authorities have announced that they will work with the state at all times and have celebrated these “new tools to seek transformative and structural changes,” as they have hithered, they have said, their efforts to oversee the Police Corps “have been historically constrained by the City Charter and state law.”

“We urge the state to use its full weight to hold the Minneapolis Police Department accountable for each and every abuse of power and harm to our community and we are ready to assist in this process,” said the City Council of Minneapolis, as picked up by NBC.

On May 25, George Floyd, a 46-year-old African-American citizen, died while being detained for using a supposedly fake $20 bill.

Agent Derek Chauvin reduced Floyd, who at no time resisted, according to images of the arrest, exerting pressure for almost ten minutes with one of his knees on the victim’s neck, despite begging that he could not breathe shortly before he died. Chauvin was arrested and sent to prison after being charged with third-degree murder.

Hundreds of people have been arrested at protests in recent days in cities across the country following Floyd’s death. According to CNN’s account, a total of 26 states, more than half of the country’s total, have mobilized the National Guard to contain demonstrations and riots.

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