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Alain Clark sings during Saturday night Veronica 30 Fans Only Concerts completely solo. In conversation with, the 41-year-old musician and producer explains how special he finds it without playing a band in the Ziggo Dome.

“Who can ever say that you are going to do a solo performance in the Ziggo Dome. I do not bring a band and I am standing alone in the dressing room before the concert. This is only possible during these times,” said Clark.

It is not yet clear what the audience will see and hear from Clark during the concert. “I don’t quite know yet how my performance will be. I go into it openly and determine what feels good on the spot. I always find singing for a small audience more exciting than for a large audience. With the big work you have light shows and a band. ”

“You can look everyone in the eye”

Still, Clark prefers concerts with an intimate setting and with a small audience. “For me this is an honest way of making music. You can look everyone in the eye and you will immediately receive a response.”

Despite the fact that Clark also regularly gave intimate concerts before the corona crisis, it will be slightly different on Saturday evening in the Ziggo Dome. “My concerts for this were in a different context and against a different background. It will be a surreal setting on Saturday evening. The contrast of the size of the hall and an audience of thirty people will portray reality in a crazy way. It will be beautiful and intimate, even almost romantic. “

‘This is also a beautiful and inspiring period’

Meetings with more than thirty people are for the time being prohibited, but a concert can take place in an adapted form. “It is fantastic to make music for people in front of you, but it is also unrealistic to produce productions for thirty or a hundred people. It costs more than the ticket sales yield.”

According to Clark, this is the harrowing reality. “I definitely have a positive attitude and want to see how we can get the best out of available resources.”

Clark was in his midst Sunday Afternoontour when the corona virus broke out and was forced to postpone his tour. “At the moment we are looking at how to proceed. A number of shows were already sold out, but tickets have returned. By the end of the year I have also planned a solo tour in theaters, but I don’t know if it will work out. “

“I am positive”

Clark has been busy with the past few months Alain’s Safe Space. Via Instagram and Facebook he holds live concerts with a different artist every day. “We have made almost fifty episodes and this was an inspiring and beautiful period. I am also in the studio a lot. I am positive.”

Kensington, Duncan Laurence, Ilse DeLange, Danny Vera and Son Mieux will also perform on Saturday 30 Fans Only Concerts. Every Monday from June 8 to June 13, a concert is broadcast on Radio Veronica.

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