Alex Caruso masterfully repbars a troll


Provoked by a Twitter user, Alex Caruso had a perfect response. Without offending the great Shaq and his “like your mother”, it is still the level above in terms of distribution …

It’s not just on the field that Alex Caruso is raising the crowds. On social networks, AC Fresh also knows how to get noticed with a few releases of which he has the secret, and a surfer a little too vindictive learned it at his expense.

It all started when the divine bald man, like many NBA players, tweeted his firm disapproval of Donald Trump’s actions in these troubled times:

No number of premeditated photos can hide who this man is. Ego, no empathy, and an inability to be a leader. Worst cocktail.

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Quickly, a Twittos from Oklahoma prompted the Laker to “just dribble,” a reference to the famous “shut up and dribble” long retorted to athletes when they talked about societal issues. But Caruso had the parade:

I’ve mostly played away from the ball this season, don’t worry Wayland.

Playing off ball means playing without the ball in your hands, like a Klay Thompson. And inevitably, no longer really need to dribble in this situation … It is true that AC was often used in position 2, and not in a leadership role, which allowed him to move a lot without the leather and to flourish in this way.

The number of retweets and likes is formal: game, set and match Caruso. Decidedly, he never misses…

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