Alexander Berger trained with Doppler/Horst


Volleyball team player Alexander Berger has kept fit in Vienna for the past two weeks together with the beach volleyball routines Clemens Doppler/Alexander Horst. For the long-time Italian legionnaire, the new work on sand for him was the only way to collect game practice because of the coronavirus restrictions in the hall.

“Of course I am grateful that this training was made possible for me, that our top beach volleyball players let me participate. It was actually the only opportunity for me as an indoor player to get my hands on a ball. On the one hand it is very, very much fun, on the other hand, it has to be said, I am a bloody beginner on the sand. But it gets better from time to time,” Berger said.

Training possible again without minimum distance

For top beach volleyball players like Doppler and Horst, normal training is possible again since the middle of last week. After negatively failed Covid-19 tests, the Austrian Association (ÖVV) announced on Thursday that it could be trained without a minimum distance with an attack block and service in the middle. “This was an important step towards normality. Before, we could hardly train forms of play,” Horst explained.

Berger’s “Sand Intermezzo” ends again next week, but then the Upper Austrian moves into The First Indoor Training Camp under Neo team leader Radovan Gacic in Steinbrunn. After the prescribed Covid-19 tests for players and caregivers and their evaluation, a three-week course begins on June 10.

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