Alianza Lima T-Shirt is one of America’s best-selling Nike League 1 Movistar Universitario Sporting Cristal


A source of pride for the whites. The Alianza Lima shirt has not only become one of the best-selling apparel in all of Peru, above Universitario’s, Sporting Cristal, Municipal Sports, Sport Boys, Cienciano Or FBC Melgar, according to what they point out in Victory.

According to information from Nike, the global brand that makes intimate apparel, the armor of the all members has positioned itself at the American level as one of the most purchased every year, even against other emblematic T-shirts of other countries in the region.

“Last year I participated in a meeting with various brand representatives in South America and we were the only country that each year sold more of its team’s jerseys compared to the rest of the continent,” he said Jean Padilla, Brand Manager of Nike.

In relation to Colombia, for example, “the T-shirt National Athletic it sells less every year and is always left in stock, this club being a history of football in America and recently no more champion of the Copa LibertadoresPadilla stated in an interview with the portal For Fans.

If contrasted with other markets in America, the Alianza Lima T-Shirt it has shown year-to-year sales a marked increase. “The fans of Lima Alliance every year he buys more T-shirts and every year Nike tries to meet that high demand. Even we are impressed by that trend,” he remarked Jean Padilla.

The bet of Nike each year will be stronger and in the next season all precautions will be taken to avoid the stock being limited in the face of high demand. “When it runs out it’s impossible to ask for a thousand more to sell. That’s programmed at least a year before,” Padilla said.

It should be noted that at the end of 2019, and a few days after the definition of League 1 that had the painting ‘intimate’ as the protagonist, Nike officially presented the uniforms of Lima Alliance for the 2020 season.

The T-shirt features Mesh technology on the back, which covers the third parts of the back and provides greater lightness and ventilation to the player making it weigh less at the time of the competition. In addition, it has Dri-Fit technology, which is responsible for repelling sweat from the body. All uniform technology has as its main objective that the allied player has an optimal performance on the court.

Alliance Lima T-Shirt with luxury details

Both the shield and the logo are embroidered. By 2020 the shirt returns to the traditional three blue stripes on the chest, with the novelty that on the back of the neck, it has a ribbon with the colors of the Peruvian flag, symbolizing the relationship between the club and Peru. This important detail is repeated in the stockings.

Each T-shirt Nike It has a production serial number that guarantees the authenticity of the shirt, it should be noted that each number is different and there are no two T-shirts with equal series numbers.

Currently, on the official website of Marathon Sport you can find a limited stock of Alliance Lima T-shirts, season 2020, which are still on sale at a cost of 199.99 soles.

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