Amazon Air: Amazon expands cargo plane fleet


Amazon will lease 12 more cargo planes to meet the increased demand for deliveries to the front door. The Coronavirus pandemic in particular has demonstrated the importance of cargo aircraft for maintaining business, the company said on Wednesday (local time). The Amazon fleet (Amazon Air) will also be expanded for future business.

Especially at the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, Amazon had to meet increased requirements. On the one hand, the company continued to supply private customers, the number of which increased significantly through social-spatial recommendations. On the other hand, Amazon provided protective equipment to business partners, parts of the healthcare system, and aid organizations across the United States.

With the twelve new Boeing 767-300 aircraft, the Amazon fleet will expand to more than 80 aircraft. One of the machines was taken over in May 2020, the remaining eleven are to be delivered in 2021. They will be leased to the aviation holding company ATSG, the company said.

Amazon is considered one of the big winners of the Coronavirus crisis. The company advertised jobs in several countries during ongoing lockdown measures – initially 100,000 in the US, and 75,000 more later. Due to the increased workload for employees: in the coronavirus crisis, the online retailer increased salaries, at least in the short term.

Amazon is expanding its capabilities worldwide. New distribution centres are also planned in Germany. Most recently, a new distribution centre for Lower Saxony was promised.


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