American Airlines shares +25%: American Airlines ramps up July flight offer | 04.06.20


The US airline American Airlines wants to restart its operations after the extensive flight stop in the Corona crisis from July.

Demand for domestic flights increased over May, the company announced Thursday in Fort Worth, Texas. In July, the airline plans to resume offering 55 percent of its domestic connections and 20 percent of international flights. The comparative basis is the corresponding month of the previous year.

American Airlines had halted most of its flights during the Corona crisis due to international travel bans and a slump in domestic demand. Within the Us, it reduced supply by 65 percent in April and 80 percent in May. While only 15 percent of the seats in the machines were occupied in April, demand gradually increased in May. In the last week of May, the average occupancy rate was already 55 percent, according to the data. On average, the airline had just over 110,000 passengers per day. In April, the average daily average was just over 32,000 – and that was on a larger flight offer.

“We are seeing a slow but steady recovery in domestic demand,” said airline manager Vasu Raja, who is responsible for network strategy. Despite low demand for flights abroad, American Airlines now plans to return to eight destinations in Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe, including Frankfurt, London, Paris and Amsterdam.

American Airlines shares are up a whopping 24.34 percent on the NYSE to close at 14.75 dollars.



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