AMLO asks to maintain Covid-19 care as long as there is no vaccine


The president Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that until there is a coronavirus vaccine, Mexicans must maintain care to avoid contagion.

Let’s take care of ourselves, keep the thing from the healthy distance. As long as we don’t have a vaccine we have to take care of ourselves, so we talk about the return to the new normal, it’s coming back, but taking care of us,” he said at his morning press conference from Campeche.

In addition, López Obrador emphasized that citizens must continue to respect the Healthy Distance.

“We can go for a long time without contagion if we take care of ourselves. Wait until there is treatment, vaccine, un catching, taking care of us, with the healthy distance, with the recommendations that specialists are making to us and so we’re going to slowly get going out.”

The president mentioned that if there are flare-ups you’ll ask people to stay home, although that did emphasize that will never do so authoritarianly.

We’re going to keep asking for people’s support. We have said this on other occasions, what has been achieved has been because of the good behaviour of the citizens; exemplary behavior of Mexicans. I’m going to call back on us to stay home if we don’t have any essential activity. If it is not necessary, indispensable (leave), we must stay in our houses, that we leave for the essential, that we take care of ourselves, that we do not trust ourselves”.

The representative indicated that it’s normal for people to want to take to the streets, But asked to prioritize health care.

“It’s natural tiredness, an understandable issue, it’s many days, not all of us have large houses, we don’t all have a salary insured, that has to be taken into account. However, we have to take care of ourselves because life, health is the most precious thing.”

AMLO mentioned that during the coronavirus pandemic Will assessing behaviors across the country because they are different circumstances that are lived in each state.

It also reiterated that the nation is in a new stage towards normality, but it’s being done very carefully.

All productive activity and recreation are not being opened up. We are gradually restarting the economic, social and cultural activity of our country. We’re going to be watching the behavior of the pandemic.”

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