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Amsterdam is preparing for a second Black Lives Matter event. On Wednesday 10 June, demonstrations against racism and police brutality against black people will be held on Anton de Komplein in the Zuidoost district.

There was much criticism of the previous Black Lives Matter protest on the Dam in Amsterdam, where it was impossible to keep a distance of 1.5 meters due to large crowds.

Several parties in the Amsterdam city council have requested an emergency debate in which mayor Femke Halsema must be held accountable for the massive demonstration during corona time. Opposition parties VVD and Forum for Democracy (FVD) also say that they put a vote of no confidence.

The wave of protests in the United States and around the world was triggered by the death of George Floyd, who was killed by police brutality. Images appeared online showing the unarmed African American in Minneapolis being choked by an officer.

Organization asks demonstrators to follow corona rules

The organization of the protest in Southeast asks protesters to observe the rules of conduct surrounding the corona virus. People must keep a distance of 1.5 meters, wear a mask and gloves and wash their hands before the event. People with health problems are urged to stay at home.

The protest takes place in Southeast because, according to the organization, the largest population of Dutch people with an African background lives there compared to other city districts in Amsterdam.

“The black community in the Bijlmer has been a victim of oppression for decades. Since the 1990s, racism and police violence have been the subject of frequent attention in the Bijlmer. Our children are constantly being criminalized, both in the media and on the street.”

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